Embracing self-advocacy

Becoming an empowered patient is an important part of health care. However, managing a care team while living with a rare condition may require some skill, and a toolkit may be helpful in navigating care. Empowerment is a broad term that can encompass elements of self-advocacy, goal-setting, and creating a support network. Embracing these factors may help to create a sense of control over the condition.

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The material comes from the Rare Disease Patient’s Affair Liaison team, a Pfizer group dedicated to serving the rare disease community by connecting patients and caregivers with tools like educational resources, access support, and community events.

Rare Condition Patient Empowerment provides helpful advice to navigate self-advocacy, treatment goals engagement with support networks, and navigating insurance issues.   Click here to read more…

You can connect with the Patient Affairs Liaison team here, and please stay tuned to PWN for more content from this Pfizer patient support series.

We believe patient empowerment is critical and Pituitary World News is working to improve access to information, access to medications and to simplify the system to make it easier for patients to deal with their diseases.  We applaud Pfizer for its acknowledgment and involvement in these important initiatives.

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