Your emotional health and pituitary disease: A one-question survey

From J D Faccinetti, cofounder  –  Sharing experiences can provide tremendous support to others dealing with similar issues.   The simple fact of knowing you are not alone is very helpful and reassuring.

Every so often we ask our readers about their experiences in dealing with pituitary disease. The last one-question survey about the diagnosis process experience generated hundreds of responses and insights.   Read the report here.

Today, we are asking a new question dealing with emotional and mental health factors affecting pituitary disease. While we know not everyone is affected by these issues, we want to learn more about these experiences.  You can click here to start the survey

The comments we often hear describe anxiety, mood fluctuations, depression, and cognitive difficulties, tensions with relationships, short temper, anger and even suicidal thoughts. Many people comment how weight gain/loss and changes in physical appearance affected them emotionally.

Experts tell us depression, anxiety (excessive worry/fears/panic), memory difficulties, anger/rage, cognitive changes (problems remembering, getting confused, difficulties tracking, even suicidal thoughts) can all lead to problems in relationships (marriage or intimate partner tensions; parent-child; work-related difficulties) that can lead to divorce, job loss, isolation and estrangements.

Please click on the link below to access the survey:


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