Endocrine News, the leading magazine for endocrinologists tunes into PWN podcast

Endocrine News tuned into a Pituitary World News podcast to hear two neuroendocrinologists discuss treatment options for COVID-19 patients with underlying pituitary conditions

Here’s an excerpt. “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic brings an unprecedented kind of challenge to both patients and healthcare personnel. Patients with complex endocrine disorders are already shouldering the heavy burden of trying to self-educate to understand and better manage their disease and COVID-19.

With the extremely contagious coronavirus circulating, these patients have additional concerns about their particular susceptibility; whether their treatments need to change and, if so, how; and what to do if they become infected with COVID-19. But how do clinicians advise patients about a disease we still know very little about?”  Read the entire article here.

Kelly Horvath, a freelance writer based in Baltimore, MD, and a frequent contributor to Endocrine News, taps into PWN’s podcast with Drs. Blevins and Yuen.

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