From PNI two interesting reviews: Pregnancy and Cushing’s; Pituitary disorders from a mental health perspective


Doing our Best with Pituitary Disorders

By LINDA M. RIO, M.A., Marriage & Family Therapist – Pituitary disorders are still considered by some “rare”, although many experts consider them unfortunately rarely diagnosed. And the term rare is in reference to the many other diseases that exist in great numbers like heart disease, cancer etc.  Signs and symptoms of pituitary disorders range from the invisible and often difficult to detect hormonal imbalances to the often missed accompanying mental health symptoms which in some cases even pre-date what can be detected medically. Pituitary patients have been known to go months, to years, to decades until a proper diagnosis has been made. All of this can lead to an accumulation of frustration and desperation on the part of patients and their loved ones. Some give up, stop searching, become withdrawn, isolated, and despair. But others have found another purpose for their entrance into this elite medical minority.  Read the article here

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