Webinar: The complexities of hormone levels and symptoms of pituitary conditions

Two outstanding informational webinars were made available to Pituitary World News by Dr. Lewis Blevins, co-founder and medical director of the California Center for Pituitary Disorders at UCSF Medical Center. These webinars are designed primarily for physicians, but we believe they will be equally interesting to all our readers and promote a more effective relationship with their care teams. Our thanks also to the University of California, San Francisco.

Neuro-endocrinologist Lewis S. Blevins Jr., MD, a specialist in pituitary disorders, breaks down the complexities of hormone levels, with wisdom on how various conditions typically look both in terms of symptoms and test results. He elucidates “normal” results and demonstrates how to interpret test numbers in the context of an individual patient. Includes tips to prevent missing a diagnosis.  Click here to watch this webinar


Dr. Manish Aghi and Dr. Lewis Blevins: Tumors of the body’s “master gland” cause various symptoms – headaches, depression, sexual dysfunction, vision loss – that doctors often attribute to other conditions. UCSF endocrinology and neurosurgery specialists discuss keys to identifying patients as well as the merits of telehealth referrals in the time of COVID. Click here to watch this webinar



Image by Elisa Calvet B.

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