Pituitary Grand Rounds, episode one: nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma

The first episode of Pituitary Grand Rounds, exclusively produced by Pituitary World News features Mr. Ernie Jackson, a patient with a non-functioning pituitary adenoma. In the tradition of classical Grand Rounds, where a physician discusses a patient’s case, Dr. Blevins discussed this heterogeneous group of tumors. The dialogue between Dr. Blevins and Mr. Jackson reveals the symptoms and signs at presentation of how the condition evolves, highlighting the importance of long-term follow-up and the development of late hypopituitarism with particular reference to Growth Hormone Deficiency. We should mention Mr. Jackson, who at age 76 is completing a PH.D., was terrific to work with. We are very thankful he agreed to help us on this project and are proud to count him as a member of the PituiaryWorld News family. Read the press release here.

Dr. Blevins, Jorge, and Ernie wrapping up production of the pilot episode.

About Grand Rounds: Pituitary Grand Rounds is a novel, exciting, and interactive educational program developed and produced by Pituitary World News. Set in the style of classical “grand rounds” once routinely held at educational institutions, each episode of this program will feature a compelling patient and a physician who will discuss the patient’s disease state.  The Pituitary Grand Rounds discussions review the patient’s clinical presentation and course, then evolve into a case-based state-of-the-art review of relevant applicable diagnostic considerations and treatments. The aim of this series is to cover all aspects of pituitary disorders. As every patient is unique, disease states may occasionally be repeated to include particularly illustrative case histories.  Read more here…

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