Pituitary disorders: the mental and emotional connection

How is it that something like a tumor on a critical little gland can interact with areas of the brain that are involved in mood regulation and would affect a person’s behavior and overall mental health?

In this conversation with Linda Rio, we explore the vast landscapes of the emotional and mental connections between pituitary disorders and our psychological well-being.

Learn how the delays in getting properly diagnosed, then treated, causes so many more problems in life. How do the pituitary and adrenal glands are involved in mental health? What is the relationship between stress and/or psychological or physical trauma and pituitary disorders? How can increasing awareness to mental health providers possibly help patients and their families? What are the mental health symptoms that commonly accompany pituitary disorders? What is the impact on families and support groups? How do we find mental health professionals that can be helpful to pituitary patients?

 Our thanks to Linda Rio, Marriage and Family Therapists, for providing this critical information and contributing to our publication. Read Linda’s past articles on PWN here and  learn more about Linda by going to her website at www.lindamrio.com .



Linda’s book:  “The Hormone Factor in Mental Health” is available through Amazon.com and other major booksellers.



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