On November 1, organizations around the world mark Acromegaly Day

Patient and advocacy organizations around the world are poised to recognize Nov 1 as Acromegaly Day with awareness programs that aim to spread information and awareness on this tough disease.  The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations – WAPO – has created a   promotion where you can share the photo or post your own.

” Please share the picture through your social media network, to ask for more awareness regarding ‘Acromegaly Awareness Day, November 1st,” said Muriël Marks-de Korver WAPO Executive Director.   “If you use #ShowYourChange WAPO will collect all shared pictures to make the video grow in future!”, she added.

We encourage to share your photo, your experiences, and your thoughts on how to make this disease better known, so more people are diagnosed early.  Regardless of what you do please send us your Acromegaly Day activities, and we will share them with all our readers.

Thank you!


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