One person’s POV: The new Somavert delivery system

From J D Faccinetti, cofounder:  The endocrine team at Pfizer delivered some very smart changes to the Somavert injection delivery system, now with a diluent prefilled syringe.

If you use Somavert let us know your thoughts on the new system.  
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If you are a Somavert user, like me, you are going to find the new system very convenient and much easier to use, with one syringe and one vial with the medication. The new syringe is bigger and much easier to manipulate, load and inject, particularly for people with bigger hands, as is the case with most of us with acromegaly. I also found it was much easier to load the medication with this new syringe. The tiny size of the insulin syringes always frustrated me.   The only thing to watch out for when loading the diluent into the Somavert vial is to make sure you do it slowly so it drips into the vial without making the medication lump or foam. The needle size feels perfect to load and inject.   All in all, in my opinion, A++. Good Job!!

I travel a fair amount, so transporting the medication in a chilled environment is always a challenge. This new delivery system makes it much easier since now you only have one syringe and a vial to deal with.   The best medication carrying cases, in my opinion, are these made by Insulpack.   I’ve carried Somavert all over the world sometimes in very hot and humid subtropical areas with no issues at all. You’ll be able to carry at least a 20-day supply of the medication. You will, however, have to remove it from the box.

I should disclose that I participated in the initial patient focus group and usability testing, which was a fascinated exercise testing different syringe designs.   The Pfizer team definitely settled with a very smart system, given all the variables and options. As you probably can imagine, these can seem like simple decisions, but they are not when you take into consideration all the variables they need to deal with.

If you use Somavert let us know your thoughts on the new system.  Click here to comment 

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