Live-talk, session 17 – Pituitary surgery: before, during and after

Do you ever wonder what happens in the OR after you are wheeled in? We welcome once again our friend and contributor, Manish Aghi, M.D. Ph.D., Attending Neurosurgeon at the California Center for Pituitary Disorders, Professor of Neurological Surgery, and Principal Investigator at UCSF Brain Tumor Research Center. He spent an amazing hour with Dr. Blevins and me, walking us through his work with patients before surgery, his approaches post-surgery, recovery, potential issues, and the many other phases of pituitary surgery. If you have had pituitary surgery or are about to have it, you don’t want to miss this frank and intimate conversation with one of the best neurosurgeons in the business. Dr. Manish Aghi specializes in operating on brain tumors, including pituitary adenomas. In addition, he has particular expertise in performing endoscopic endonasal surgery for pituitary and skull base lesions.

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