The positive effects of laughter

From Jorge D Faccinetti, cofounder – People with pituitary conditions, particularly those who suffered a long time before they received a correct diagnosis, often deal with a multitude of debilitating symptoms and related conditions.  For all people, but particularly for those dealing with chronic issues, laughter and humor can be a very positive benefit for well-being and quality of life.

In a recent review “THE THERAPEUTIC VALUE OF LAUGHTER IN MEDICINE” by Ramon Mora-Ripoll,  MD, PhD.- Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine; Aliso Viejo, 16.6 (Nov/Dec 2010): 56-64, the author points out the health benefits of laughter citing several studies that have gained wide acceptance in scientific circles and generated considerable public interest.  Dr. Mora-Ripoli, who is medical-scientific director at Organizacion Mundial de la Risa (The World Laughter Organization) in Barcelona, Spain, concluded, after a comprehensive review of the literature on the subject, that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that laughter has some positive quantifiable effects on certain aspects of health.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has also discussed at some length the therapeutic value of laughter.  They also report a growing body of research highlighting the benefits of laughter.   You can read more about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America review of laughter here.   

We even found a Doctor/comedian that embraced humor as a key part of his practice. His bio mentions,  “After completing his internship and getting his medical license, Dr. Brad realized there was a serious nationwide shortage of funny doctors.  So he began his unconventional medical practice of delivering his unique brand of healthcare humor around the country to corporate audiences, convention crowds, and conference attendees.  Physicians, nurses, bankers, teachers—indeed people from all industries—have benefited from the doctor comedian’s medical humor.”  You can read more about Dr. Brad here.  Take a look at this video.  It’s a good laugh!

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