PWN participates in the Spanish Association for People with Acromegaly conference

From the desk of J D Faccinetti, co-founder – Many new wonderful friends, new perspectives and a ton of energy dedicated to increase awareness and reduce the time to diagnosis; that’s the best way I can describe last week’s conference in Madrid, Spain.  The conference organized by Raquel Ciriza and Bego Madariaga and attended by patients, family, physicians, and other experts, promised sessions full of helpful information to improve knowledge of the disease and quality of life and it did not disappoint.

I was thrilled to be invited to participate and present our ideas for a Spanish edition of Pituitary World News and tell the audience about our mission and the journey since we founded this publication.  I’m happy to report we were received with much enthusiasm by this great community of dedicated professionals and caring people with acromegaly.

The Spanish Association website (please note it is in Spanish) and Facebook feed has excerpts of the presentations, a very nice video, and a summary of the conference.

We will be making available videos of the presentations in their original Spanish with English subtitles, so please stay tuned for a complete report, which I’m sure will provide a fascinating look at very familiar issues affecting us all.


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