Science, pseudoscience and misinformation

From Jorge D Faccinetti –  Why so many reasonable people doubt science?

Science does not equal truth and does not claim to equal truth. It does, however, provide the best-known method for arriving at the truth. This article “The Mistrust of Science” from New Yorker staff writer Atul Gawande, a surgeon and public health researcher, delves into science as a commitment to a systematic way of thinking designed to explain things.  Here’s an excerpt from the New Yorker article:

Science’s defenders have identified five hallmark moves of pseudoscientists. They argue that the scientific consensus emerges from a conspiracy to suppress dissenting views. They produce fake experts, who have views contrary to established knowledge but do not actually have a credible scientific track record. They cherry-pick the data and papers that challenge the dominant view as a means of discrediting an entire field. They deploy false analogies and other logical fallacies. And they set impossible expectations of research: when scientists produce one level of certainty, the pseudoscientists insist they achieve another.

Read the complete New Yorker article here.  Pituitary World News is guided by the use traditional accepted scientific approaches to pituitary disorders. We believe in ongoing scientific research and development to expand knowledge and discover new therapies.  Don’t miss these other Pituitary World News articles dealing with science, scientific approaches, research, and misinformation.

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