The endocrine world gathers in Chicago

By J D Faccinetti, co-founder – In a three-day conference packed with thousands of scientists, endocrinologists, industry, and researchers, ENDO 2023 Conference presented a comprehensive review of the latest in pituitary disease advances, treatment, management, developments, and insights.

There were notable presentations and posters on Acromegaly developments, including cases of delayed diagnosis, biomarkers to improve early detection and monitoring, clinical management, and the latest news on the once-daily new oral drug Paltusotine from Crinetics Pharmaceuticals. Results from the Clinical trials are expected later this year. If you want to learn more, here’s more information on the clinical trial and a recent PWN podcast with Dr. Alan Krasner, Chief Medical Officer at Crinetics.

Dr. Lewis Blevins, PWN co-founder, presents on evolving perspectives in hypercortisolism.

In Cushing’s, researchers and clinicians presented advances in diagnostics and biochemical assays that help understand and accurately identify Cushing’s disease and syndrome. Presentations included advances in treatments, medications, and the proliferation of new therapies. To learn more about Cushing’s available medications, listen to this series of Podcasts where Dr. Lewis Blevins reviews all the drugs available to treat hypercortisolism.

One of the subjects that caught my attention was the increased focus on precision medicine which has enabled researchers and clinicians to identify specific genetic markers associated with various endocrine conditions. These developments could pave the way for personalized treatments tailored to each patient. Stay tuned for more on this fascinating subject.

There were also discussions focused on hypopituitarism symptom control, hormone replacement, prolactinoma management, pituitary tumors, endocrine disrupting chemicals, a new oral “robotic pill” delivery system for biologics from a recent study at Rani Therapeutics (stay tuned for more on this), developments in the understanding and treatment of obesity, and many more fascinating subjects. With a focus on multidisciplinary care and patient support, ENDO 2023 highlighted the importance of addressing not only the physical aspects of the disease but also the psychosocial impact on patients’ lives.  Link to more information on hypopituitarism, prolactinoma and growth hormone deficiency, and please stay tuned for more details on specific presentations from ENDO 2023 session recordings.

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