The patient’s voice in Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency treatment

Podcast:  The importance of having patients participate in the design of their treatment is the focus of this podcast by Dr. Kevin Yuen, Director of the Barrows Neurological Insitute and PWN contributor. Dr. Yuen explains that the most effective GH therapies are achieved when patients actively participate in their design.  Listen here

Dr. Yuen also shares a second podcast where he and Stanford University professor Dr. Andrew Hoffman, discuss the clinical advances in adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) and patient-focused approaches to improve treatment participation. These advances can help clinicians, and patients overcome many treatment challenges such as missed or delayed diagnoses, substandard treatment strategies, and suboptimal patient adherence. This second podcast is directed to physicians and provides CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits. Listen here

The podcasts were developed by ReachMD an internet radio channel that produces medical broadcasts featuring clinical research, medical practice, disease management, and patient care strategies.


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