PWN was created in response to the industry and medical establishment findings of considerable numbers of undiagnosed and miss diagnosed patients with pituitary conditions. The medical community believes that a large number of these cases can be cured if tumors can be diagnosed early before they become too large. This can result in dramatic life changes, substantial improvements in quality of life for patients and considerable medical expense savings.

Since its launch in September 2014, the Pituitary World News blog, news feed, and articles have enjoyed steady increases in readership, engagement and interactions.  The two main information vehicles are a Facebook page and the news/blog website at pituitaryworldnews.org. Pituitary World News publishes the latest news in the industry and original proprietary articles, educational podcasts and videos.

Our effort to date:

PWN is widely shared through patient groups, media, and other relevant organizations.  Currently, the website receives between 8,000 and 10,000 unique visits per month and that average is increasing steadily. Each podcast is heard on average over 1500 times. Facebook posts reach on average 4,000 people per week with high engagement and comments from community members.  We expect continued growth fueled by a variety of communication and outreach programs to increase reach.

PWN has published articles and podcasts focusing on acromegaly, Cushing’s Syndrome, diabetes-insipidus, prolactinoma, hypopituitarism, and other pituitary tumors, patient points of view, and articles on health and general interest. Additionally, we’ve deployed surveys, polls, and panel discussions on a variety of subjects.

Our plans:

We plan to continue to develop original educational and general interest articles, podcasts, and videos to serve the needs of the community. Also under development is a speaker’s bureau for conferences and informational brochures for physician offices and health centers as well as other collateral support materials.

 Promotional Opportunities:

PWN considers innovative collaborations from partner organizations through promotional considerations and sponsored content opportunities.


Pituitary World News was founded by Dr. Lewis Blevins, a world-leading neuro-endocrinologist, currently Medical Director of the California Center for Pituitary Disorders at the University of California San Francisco and Professor of Neurological Surgery and Medicine at 
UCSF, and JD Faccinetti a communication professional and president of IgniteThinking LLC, a communication, marketing, and insights consultancy. JD is a patient affected by Acromegaly.

Pituitary World News is a nonprofit corporation.  Your donations are fully tax deductible.