WAPO Webinars in full swing: now available Dr. Blevins talk on hypercortisolism

In 2022 the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations – WAPO – introduced a series of educational webinars, which are now available on the WAPO website on demand.  The series includes presentations from the webinar series as well as those from the organization’s annual conference, also known as the “Summit.” Many of the presentations are also available in Spanish.  We have also placed links to these materials in Pituitary World News en Español.

The presentations offer a variety of information about pituitary disease and related topics. WAPO has published two webinars in 2023 which you can access here.  Of particular note are the presentations on Research Outcomes of Acromegaly and Cushing’s by Dr. Elena Valassi, originally recorded in May 2022.  Also, don’t miss Dr. Anton Luger’s talk on pituitary adenomas in pregnancy and many other great speakers. Check the WAPO website and library section for more webinars and other educational materials.

Click here to see Dr. Blevin’s presentation on hypercortisolism.


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