Watch the presentations from the PWN-UCSF pituitary patient conference

For your convenience, we have uploaded the conference presentations in their totality.  Below are the video presentations with a timestamp so you can more easily find them.  There are two sessions: morning and afternoon.  Please send us a note if you need any additional information.  Enjoy!

Click here for the morning sessions

Dr. Manish Aghi – 0:07:00 – Signs and symptoms of pituitary adenomas

Dr. Lewis Blevins – 0:41:49 – Hypopituitarism

Jorge Faccinetti – 1:06:21 – Welcome remarks (10:00 Minutes)

Dr. Sandeep Kunwar – 1:15:14 – Expectations and outcomes of surgery for pituitary disorders – 1:57:46 Pituitary MRI basics.

Dr. Phillip Theodosopoulos – 2:24:00 – Endoscopic pituitary surgery.

Click here for the afternoon sessions

Ab Dakil – 0:00:17 – Musical interlude

Elaine Lissner – 0:23:09 – The cortisol pump

Jorge Faccinetti – 0:53:32 – Working with Pituitary World News (ideas and questions that generate great initiatives)

Breakout group sessions summary reports – 1:13:30

Round table discussion on endoscopic and microscopic pituitary surgery techniques – Drs. Blevins, Kunwar, Aghi, Theodosopoulos and Jorge Faccinetti – 1:46:42

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