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We know that the increased awareness of pituitary disease is directly related to the higher probability of early diagnosis. Early diagnosis means quality of life, and in many cases increased life expectancy. Awareness is power and your gift empowers Pituitary World News to reach more people and change lives.

Here’s a recent blurb from Dr. Blevins that clearly illustrates the power of awareness:

“I recently saw two gentlemen in clinic with Acromegaly. For both, the diagnosis was suspected by their wives after concerns and Internet research led to the possible diagnosis. As I recall, initially, the primary doctors involved were reticent to do confirmatory tests. Persistence paid off and both men were ultimately diagnosed and referred for treatment. Way to go ladies!!”

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Our approach is simple: reach more people and healthcare professionals with relevant, important information utilizing a variety of outreach strategies. Our work builds a community of advocates that includes thought leaders in healthcare and the medical field, patients, their families, and anyone interested or touched by a pituitary condition.

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