Live-talk, session 24 – two Cushing cases and a forward look

With today’s podcasts from this week’s live-talk show, Dr. Blevins recaps our content dedicated to Global Cushing’s month with a talk about two fascinating recent Cushing cases from his practice. He also touches on some very interesting caveats about thyroid hormone replacement. Then, after a surprise musical interlude (you’ll have to listen to find out), we discuss the current social media challenges and look at what’s coming to Pituitary World News. Don’t miss the discussion, and don’t forget to subscribe here so you can receive notifications whenever we publish a new article or a podcast. 

Don’t miss additional content, including a conversation on adrenal Cushing’s,  a discussion on hypercortisolism from the WAPO webinar series, and a round table discussion: perspectives on hypercortisolism diagnosis and management in academic centers.

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