Pituitary Grand Rounds, episode two: a delayed diagnosis of Cushing’s disease

The second episode of Pituitary Grand Rounds features Dr. Lewis Blevins in a compelling discussion with Sloan Hart, a patient with a dangerous, delayed diagnosis of Cushing’s disease, which caused tremendous hardship and suffering. We thank Sloan for her courage and determination to tell her story and help our efforts to share and improve awareness of these diseases. Listen to Sloan’s intimate account of her symptoms and signs, her experience for six years with physicians, her chronicle of incredible physical changes, and throughout her journey, the insistence that there was something terribly wrong. Learn about her journey with medications as Dr. Blevins relates treatment decisions, MRIs and lab results as they moved toward the drug that finally worked.

We have completed two episodes in the series. Five additional episodes are slated for 2024, covering the spectrum of pituitary conditions and fascinating cases.

What is Pituitary Grand Rounds?

Pituitary Grand rounds is an educational initiative that uses state-of-the-art video publishing communications methods to present and discuss clinical cases, medical research, and other relevant topics of interest. The program is produced exclusively by PWN.

We designed this program for patients and families who want to learn more about these conditions. The content is also relevant to medical professionals, including physicians, residents, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, to improve their knowledge of pituitary disease. To that end, Dr. Blevins selects remarkable cases that are challenging and often complex.

Subjects include the rationales for clinical recommendations, research, technological advancements, medications, and discussions about the latest medical practices. Importantly, they engage the patient in the discussion that gain important insights into the patient experience. Pituitary Grand Rounds (PGR) allow the audience to learn, advance their knowledge, and improve their understanding of pituitary medicine.

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