Pituitary Grand Rounds: Watch and Learn!

Pituitary Grand Rounds is a new PWN program loosely based on the practice medical schools routinely use to educate young doctors. It is a fantastic way to share patient’s insights, their symptoms and signs, how the condition evolves from their perspective, and how their doctors make treatment decisions. The doctor’s discussions focuses on the patient’s clinical presentation and course and a case-based state-of-the-art review of relevant applicable diagnostic considerations and treatments.  When you watch these episodes you will experience a deep dive into pituitary conditions.

We recorded two episodes, which you can watch by clicking on the links below, and are slated to produce five additional episodes in 2024.  Please stay tuned for updates on the subjects for each upcoming episode and publishing dates.

Watch Episode One: Click here – The first episode of Pituitary Grand Rounds, exclusively produced by Pituitary World News features Mr. Ernie Jackson, a patient with a non-functioning pituitary adenoma. In the tradition of classical Grand Rounds, where a physician discusses a patient’s case, Dr. Blevins discussed this heterogeneous group of tumors. The dialogue between Dr. Blebvins and Mr. Jackson reveals the symptoms and signs at presentation of how the condition evolves, highlighting the importance of long-term follow-up and the development of late hypopituitarism with particular reference to Growth Hormone Deficiency. We should mention Mr. Jackson, who at age 76 is completing a PH.D., was terrific to work with.


Watch Episode Two: Click here – The second episode of Pituitary Grand Rounds features Dr. Lewis Blevins in a compelling discussion with Sloan Hart, a patient with a dangerous, delayed diagnosis of Cushing’s disease, which caused tremendous hardship and suffering. We thank Sloan for her courage and determination to tell her story and help our efforts to share and improve awareness of these diseases. Listen to Sloan’s intimate account of her symptoms and signs, her experience for six years with physicians and her chronicle of incredible physical changes.  Learn about her journey with medications as Dr. Blevins relates treatment decisions, MRIs and lab results as they moved toward the drug that finally worked.


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