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You’re the expert: This is an opportunity to share your insights if you have Vasopressin Deficiency (Diabetes Insipidus). If you use dDAVP, which route? How do you self-manage from day to day? What parameters do you follow? What dangers lurk out there, and how do you mitigate these? Tell us what you have learned. Click on this link to provide your comments. 


Listen to the podcast on our soon-to-be-released new book on Cushing’s. The book’s author and Pituitary World News cofounder, Dr. Lewis Blevins, reads from a few selected chapters to give insight into the book’s content. Stay tuned. This book will be released soon. Listen here and read more about the book here.


Watch and learn: The second episode of our video production, Pituitary Grand Rounds, features Dr. Lewis Blevins in a compelling discussion with Sloan Hart, who had a dangerous, delayed diagnosis of Cushing’s disease, which caused tremendous hardship and suffering. Episode one is a fascinating discussion featuring Mr. Ernie Jackson, who had a non-functioning pituitary adenoma and developed late hypopituitarism with particular reference to Growth Hormone Deficiency. You can watch both episodes here. 


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