Live-talk, session 18 – What is medical decision-making?

What does medical decision-making mean, and what is involved?  What are pituitary specialists thinking about when faced with decisions on how to treat a patient?  This live talk session aims at answering these tough questions.  Dr. Blevins walks us through the case of a patient with high cortisol to illustrate the types of decisions physicians make and what those decisions are based on when trying to solve a medical mystery to best help patients.  This podcast will shed some light on what a physician does when making medical decisions.  Enjoy!

Lab result targets

In this podcast from our “musings series” comes an interesting discussion on lab result targets. This case comes from a hypothyroid patient who wanted to achieve a particular TSH lab result target. In the discussion, Dr. Blevins focuses on how the pituitary works, how lab tests work, and what makes aiming at and achieving a narrow target almost impossible.

New name for Diabetes Insipidus (DI)

Well, it looks like Diabetes Insipidus is on the way out, at least from the naming point of view. After the work done in Basel (Universitätsspital Basel), recently published in The Lancet, an international consensus group proposed a name change from Diabetes Insipidus to Arginine Vasopressin Deficiency or AVP-D, or Arginine Vasopressin Resistance or AVP-R, depending on the type.

Live-talk, session 17 – Pituitary surgery: before, during and after

Do you ever wonder what happens in the OR after you are wheeled in? We welcome once again our friend and contributor, Manish Aghi, M.D. Ph.D., Attending Neurosurgeon at the California Center for Pituitary Disorders, Professor of Neurological Surgery, and Principal Investigator at UCSF Brain Tumor Research Center. He spent an amazing hour with Dr. Blevins and me, walking us through his work with patients before surgery, his approaches post-surgery, recovery, potential issues, and the many other phases of pituitary surgery.

Patient and advocacy groups observe pituitary awareness month

From the editors: In what is now a yearly occurrence, pituitary groups and industry from all over the world mark October as pituitary awareness month. “The hope in doing this work is to organize a joint effort to maximize the opportunity to talk with a unified voice and increase awareness of pituitary diseases,” said JD Faccinetti, Chairman and chief editor of Pituitary World News.