Acromegaly guidelines: How useful are they?

January 28, 2015

 From Lewis S. Blevins, Jr. MD  –  Every few years, one organization or another releases “guidelines” and “recommendations” regarding the management of patients with acromegaly. These often include algorithms provided by an “acromegaly consensus group”

News on Acromegaly from the Endocrine Society

November 5, 2014

Experts Recommend Tumor Removal as First-Line Treatment for Acromegaly.  Endocrine society publishes Clinical Practice Guidelines on condition caused by excess growth Hormone.  View a PDF of the guidelines here Washington, DC—The Endocrine Society today issued

Acromegaly and Bone Disease

November 3, 2014

From Lewis S. Blevins, Jr., MD –  “This is a nice review highlighting bone disease in patients with acromegaly.  One would think that bone enlargement would be associated with increased strength. That is not always